Lazy days of Summer

Summer thus far. Kennedy’s rereading Harry Potter. She is only book 3, and completely obsessed. The other day she told me her new gymnastics teacher is “nice but strict because she wants her students to do their best…. like professor mcgonegall.” Park. Lots of afternoons spent here.ikea. This guy and the powerwheels. Orenco nature parkrose garden during yaya’s visit. And Powell’s with kid leashesyaya had a box full of gifts. Gym showend of school show.first/last day. What a crazy year.toes and tails under the couch.

Preschool graduation

These pics are all a month old, but here’s what up lately! The newest makeover: the garage! We painted and organized it, which is huge because I haven’t been able to walk through it since the movers unloaded our stuff. It’s the perfect spot for twirling now, according to Penelope. Best turtles at Costco. Addicted to tv.i love babies sleeping in improper places. Inside the hallowed halls of Kennedy’s school.playdoh outside- Alex got really into it for the first time. Swim lessons park date. I didn’t know it but p had a raging fever in this pic. Whoops. Cuddle on the couch- how cute is Alex in this pic?!?! Last day of preschool photos. She’s really grown this year!  First day/ last day her graduation. The teacher held a little ceremony under one of the trees in the park. It was super casual. After being presented with their diploma, the kids were given popcorn and juice and set loose in the park. They loved it. She requested we wear our matching dresses from the dance recital last year… so we were those people, and she was totally happy about it.

Camping on Memorial Day weekend.

These pics uploaded in reverse again, so here is our trip, in reverse. We met up with Olivia’s family, who now reside in the Bay Area. We drove about halfway, to a campground near trinity lake. It was a beast of a drive for a weekend getaway. But we downloaded the 4th Harry Potter book and made some serious headway. It was so good to see them! Something about a friendship that transcends coasts make it extra special.  We brought lady Luna along. FYI, Dramamine does work for canine motion sickness. We spent all day Saturday lake side. Kennedy and daddy got burned to a crisp, but it was so awesome. Being out there, with the water and the air and friends it is rejuvenating.

 And this kid, I can’t get over his smile. He’s been super attached to me in away that he never has been before recently, and I kind of secretly love it. The boys loved this stump they spent literally hours pouring water in it.when we first arrived at the lake, Alex independently peeled off all his clothes and ran into the water. It was really amusing, but I totally got that that was his instinct; surrounded by natural beauty seems like it would naturally be best enjoyed in ones own, er, natural beauty. But to clarify, I and everyone else stayed pc and remained clothed.  Views of mount Shasta on the way.  Our family was up much earlier than Olivia’s. of course. In true Girl Scout form, I managed to get the campfire going all by myself, and the kids sat around it. So cute.  It should be noted that the nights were still a bit of a challenge. The girls did not sleep well sharing an air mattress so there was an excessive amount of moaning and groaning the both nights and the first night Penelope threw up in her sleeping bag which was a lovely experience that will forever be seared into my memory. Despite that, it was a fun weekend.

On the way home we stopped at a dam on the willamette river where they have a fish lookout and we saw wild salmon swimming upstream. It was very cool. 

The high desert of Oregon.

This weekend we stole away to kahneeta, a resort in central Oregon. This was supposed to be a Mother’s Day thing, but Ollie was sick so we had to push it back. It’s in the middle of nowhere- just this huge resort surrounded by desert hills as far as the eye can see. The first thing we did was hit the pool, which was their most notable attraction. The pool is filled with natural hot spring mineral water that averages a 110 degrees all year. It was like taking a hot bath with a thousand other people. Ollie wasn’t a fan, but he came around once we pulled out a ball. Alex  and the girls were all about it. Alex embraced his puddle jumper and adamantly swam independently the whole time. I got no pics of this experience, but it was super fun.  The rest of the pics loaded backwards so we’ll jump to the road home and go back. 

One the way home we randomly stopped at this lookout that had the the best view of mount hood.  We drove right by mount hood on the way to and from the resort. The views along the way were amazing. Also there was snow along the road, which was novel because it was in the upper 70’s. the other side of the mountain range is completely different. Hard to believe this view is only two hours from Portland. The terrain is considered ‘high desert’ which isn’t actually a legit desert- but only a couple inches/ year of rainfall away. It’s just stunning scenery. On day 2 we did a family round of mini-golf. We lasted eight holes. How do I accurately relay this experience? It was like playing mini-gulf with a bunch of intoxicated college kids. The boys chased everybodies balls around the course and initially used the club to hit them but quickly gave that up in favor of chucking them as far as they could throw. The girls were very engrossed in their own game and refused to acknowledge anyone else’s existence Except when one of the boys stole their ball. But it was all good fun…  daddy and I just sat back and watched it all, waiting to see what would happen next. And nobody got hit in the head with a ball or a club… so it was a win.ahh and our morning hike-like experience. After breakfast we decided to walk up the beginning of the hike, to the top of the hill? It seems like it was much higher than a hill. It took a good ten minutes to climb to the top. It was totes impromptu and we were in flip flops and cowboys boots.ollie had had a mishap at breakfast and was in a fleece coat and diaper. I had to carry Ollie in one hand and coffee in the other, so Kennedy took my phone for documentary purposes. She took a million pictures of wildflowers. And the night before- we were graced with a rainbow on the way back to our room.after dinner we hit the park. No joke this place was a total death trap. They had a gymnastics bar with wobbly posts. A bubble with no actual bubble, a spot where there was once a bridge, but now only handrails. Of course the kids thought it was the best thing ever. And the boys got on big boys swings for the first time. The hotel lobby. More mountain views along the way to the resort. We stopped for lunch at a little cafe on lolo pass rd. Daddy was out of town the week before- Friday night dinner at the gym. Kennedy’s paper mache volcano. I’m getting more comfortable with taking the kids to the neighborhood park. I think we went four time last week. And the boys started mommy and me soccer. It was total torture for me, I’m sure they had a blast though. They had no interest in doing anything the coach asked. Then indoor gym was set up next door mid class- once the boys spotted the Cars and bikes there was no gettting them back, but they weren’t alone- all the other kids in the class did the same. 

Mother’s Day 2017

We had big plans for Mother’s Day weekend, but Ollie had a fever all week and so they were postponed. Such is motherhood. We were left with a low key weekend. I attempted to sleep in on Sunday, but Alexander meandered in and took clothes (specifically, underwear, (… clean)) out of the closet and threw them at me until I succumbed and got out of bed. Breakfast was frenchtoast and the girls gave me an assortment of homemade accessories, a necklace, a crown, a bracelet and a tutu. We met Kylie and Ainsley and fam at the mall for lunch, let the kids run wild on the quarter rides and sipped boba tea. And I finally took the girls biking in the school parking lot. ( know, exciting stuff) my bike watching sidekick. We finished book 3 of Harry Potter and rewarded ourselves with a dinner-and-popcorn-in-front-of-the-tv night. I requested a mother’s day pic before we put them all to bed. No one is groomed or polished… but this is us. But the biggest news of the weekend. We cut down our houses’ eight foot tall beard, aka hedges. An amazing transformation! Before, the house was just a roof.and, ba ba bum… the after! The Neighbors were stopping by and thanking us for cutting those hideous things down. Definitely the most worthwhile upgrade yet!  

 Monday Lolo had bouldering class again. We got there a little early and the boys went nuts over the real basketballs and hoops. I just die in the best way when they do little boy things. I love little boys. and rock climbing, class 2. She’s a real spider monkey.and later Ollie fell asleep on top of Penelope. She refused to let me pick him up. She just laid there and ate up the cuddles. It was super cute. She really loves her little brothers. This pic was from last week when Ollie was sick. Factoid about the boys; They both refer to each other as ‘ollie’ but full well know and respond to the correct names. And I’ve definitely had Alex repeat his name to me. I’m sort of surprised that has stuck this long, wonder if there is some sort of twin psychology behind this. 

Multnomah falls and preschool trip to the zoo

Sleepy chubby cheeked angel baby.last weekend we, dog and all, finally made it out to multnomah falls! This place is by far the most famous of all the waterfalls in and around Portland, and there are hundreds… thousands…. 

us… pre 2.2 mile 700 foot elevation change hike. The waterfall in all it’s grandeur.  Toting four kids and a dog up was no joke. There was a ton of stops and snack breaks.the river at the top was pretty fun. We let the boys out of the backpacks and explored and searched for special rocks and did yoga poses on rocks. The pinnacle of the hike; the top of the falls. It was anticlimactic, upstream was much more fun. Back to the river. And down. Then.. after the hike we went swimming. First outdoor swim of the season! It was too cold for me, but We’ve been promising the girls forever. I thought I left my phone in the locker but found it at the last second got one pic of Alex shivering. And p started bouldering. And Alex is literally sleeping with his basketballs everynight. Penelope’s preschool had a class field trip to the zoo. It was so cute to see her with all her friends. She held hands with her friend Amelia the entire time.